Sugar Pie DeSanto

Sugar Pie DeSanto

Armando Bellmas
This week, David Katznelson is the guest DJ on Ecléctico. David is a Grammy-nominated producer, a problematic record collector, and the CEO of Reboot. He publishes the music, poetry, and more newsletter, The Signal, a favorite here at Ecléctico HQ.

Today on Ecléctico you're listening to "Go Go Power" by Sugar Pie DeSanto, a New York-born, California-based R&B singer and songwriter. (The song was released in 1966.)

"Sugar Pie DeSanto was discovered by Johnny Otis and became a powerhouse for the Chess label," starts David about the singer of today's song selection. "She is one of (if not only) last of the great women soul singers of her time, still going strong at 87 (she celebrated a birthday on October 16th). 'Go Go Power' showcases the funky, tough, killer singer at her best from her classic period."

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