Smiley Lewis

Every Tuesday in May, New Orleans-area rhythm and blues aficionado and DJ Neil Pellegrin is the guest DJ on Ecléctico, sharing a song by R&B artists from (or closely associated with) New Orleans. Read more about Neil and his podcast, Trick Bag, and radio shows on WWOZ and Johnny Rock and Roll Radio below. –Armando

Today on Ecléctico you're listening to Smiley Lewis, a rhythm and blues singer and guitarist from New Orleans. "This song was recorded in New Orleans on August 4, 1956, and not released until 1985," says Neil. "As far as I'm concerned, of the 100+ recordings made by Smiley Lewis, one of the true titans of New Orleans R&B, not one of them disappoints in the slightest. It's very hard to pick a favorite! This track was included on an episode of Trick Bag that spotlighted originally unreleased material from New Orleans. Listen to the entire episode (and access the rest of the Trick Bag catalog) here."

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