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Poder del Alma

Afro-Latin funk from Nicaragua

Armando Bellmas
Armando Bellmas
Poder del Alma

Today on Ecléctico you're listening to a funky Latin jam by Poder del Alma, a band from Managua, Nicaragua. They put out three albums in the mid-1970s and built up a reputation in and around Central America and beyond back in their day. They even opened for Santana in Nicaragua in 1973. Today's song comes from a 2021 7-inch reissue of two songs from their self-titled album from 1975.

You'll go deeper with an excerpt from and a link to a short review by TJ Gorton on Beat Caffeine.

"Mimo" by Poder del Alma
1975/2021 | Afro-Latin funk from Nicaragua

Go deeper.
Both tracks on this release “Mimo” and “Bacanal 76”, were originally included on the group’s extremely hard-to-find 1975 full-length album (even impossible to find in Nicaragua), and feature a nice blend of Latin jazz and funk, with cosmic psychedelic grooves, and salsa-influenced rhythms. Primed perfectly for those tropical-inspired dancefloors.

Here's the cover to that "extremely hard-to-find" record from 1975, courtesy of Discogs, slightly different from, but in line with the cover of the 7-inch above.