Nosé Nomás

Today on Ecléctico you're listening to Nosé Nomás, the performing name of musician, singer, and songwriter José Tomás Puga from Santiago, Chile. This is his fifth album of original tunes, and his first under the name Nosé Nomás (which, in English loosely translates to " I don't know any more"). This and the other songs on this album are inspired by the coast of Chile's Coquimbo region. They're best described as minimal, jazzy cumbias with "energetic splendor," as Puga himself declares. Puga is also a visual artist and created the artwork for the album.

"Marlén" by Nosé Nomás
2021 | Singer, musician, and songwriter from Santiago, Chile

Go deeper with this image and caption excerpt from and a link to an Instagram post by José Tomás Puga about today's song:

English translation: Hello dear friends, today this cheerful song called “Marlén” was published, which tells the story of a crab from Africa that came to live on a fishing boat.

He adds: The cover image was printed in risography...and if you slide [the images in the Instagram post] you can see the delicious detail of the ink.

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