Julie Byrne
This week, David Katznelson is the guest DJ on Ecléctico. David is a Grammy-nominated producer, a problematic record collector, and the CEO of Reboot. He publishes the music, poetry, and more newsletter, The Signal, a favorite here at Ecléctico HQ.

Today on Ecléctico you're listening to "Prism Song" by Julie Byrne, a singer, musician, and songwriter originally from Buffalo, New York. (The song was released in 2014.)

"Julie Byrne’s music comes from the same place as Elizabeth Cotton and Hope Sandoval with beautiful guitar picking and a clear, soft, unique voice," says David about his song selection today. "I recently pulled out her 2014 solo record, Rooms with Walls and Windows, and just cannot take it off, for risk that the fragile, sweet paradise she creates in the grooves will fall apart.  I picked this song from the album…but it could have been any of them."

Julie Byrne

Go deeper with this excerpt from and a link to a short review of the song by Jayson Greene on Pitchfork:

It's hard to sell something like Julie Byrne's lovely and diffuse "Prism Song" aggressively. The song, a collection of finger-picked acoustic guitar notes and gently fanciful images ("If you were a creature of make believe/ If you were shades of colors my eyes could not see") is the sort of discovery you cradle intently, eyeing the crowd for a trustworthy person to share it with.

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