Josh Kimbrough

American fingerstyle guitarist and composer

Josh Kimbrough

Today on Ecléctico you're listening to Josh Kimbrough, a fingerstyle guitarist and composer from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. His style on this record is calm, natural, and sensitive, taking inspiration from the wooded worldview from his back deck and fatherhood. It's ideal music for a weekend ahead when we could all practice and share some calm, care, and compassion.

"Backyard Hawk" by Josh Kimbrough (2020)

Josh Kimbrough

Go deeper with this excerpt from and a link to Josh Kimbrough's own words about this music on Bandcamp:

Slither, Soar & Disappear is an instrumental, fingerstyle guitar record. It’s an ode to fatherhood and the restorative power of the natural world.

The music came to me on my back deck, where I would go to find solitude while my son, Simon, was sleeping. I found that the rustling of squirrels in the leaves, and the hooting of barred owls, among other sights and sounds, would bring me a sense of peace and belonging. I imagined myself and my guitar as part of the chorus of natural sounds.

Fatherhood, I was finding, forces one to abandon parts of the self--a heavy proposition in a society that emphasizes individualism.