Today on Ecléctico you're listening to Funkadelic, an American funk rock band led by George Clinton, one of the foremost innovators of funk in the history of popular music. Funkadelic, along with sister/brother band Parliament, blew the labels off of their music. Today's song is slow funk with some gospel preaching, latin rhythms, and pedal slide honky tonk blended in.

"Biological Speculation" by Funkadelic
1971 | American funk rock band

Go deeper with this excerpt from and a link to a short essay about the song on KTUH radio's website:

At its essence the song is a meditation on the fallibility and temporality of mankind, which includes but is not limited to society, culture, and civilization. These ideas, heavy and surprisingly tuneful as they are, are elevated by the funk rhythms, gospel vocals, and a honky-tonk bridge complete with pedal steel guitar. Few songs are so ambitious–conceptually and musically–but Clinton and company swing so easy that “Biological Speculation” seems more a result of that “animal instinct” of which they sing than some contrived motivation to put across something Meaningful.

To hear is to believe.

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