Dom La Nena

Brazilian singer, songwriter, and cellist based in France

Dom La Nena

Today on Ecléctico you're listening to Dom La Nena, a Brazilian singer, songwriter, and cellist from Porto Alegre and now based in Paris. Today's song is a dream, present and mysterious, in French and Spanish, the only part we remember when we wake up. The bouncing rhythm of plucked cello strings carry the lofty, lilting harmonies and heavenly piano. It's a short song, but the melodies will linger.

"Oiseau Sauvage" by Dom La Nena (2021)

Go deeper with this excerpt from and a link to an article by Amaya Garcia on Bandcamp Daily:

Tempo plays like a fairytale. Twinkling piano and guitar lines drift alongside cello on songs that feel enveloped in mystery. The title track opens in the album in a minor key, its fluttering melody meant to evoke the passage of time. It’s an eerie introduction, and it leads directly into “Oiseau Sauvage,” which takes the melancholy and whimsy of French chanson and expands on it with lush harmonies and lyrics in Spanish and French. The song was written during Pinto’s pregnancy, and it explores the mystery, joy, and fear of new life.