Dirty Fingers 脏手指

Garage rock band from Shanghai

Dirty Fingers 脏手指

Today on Ecléctico you're listening to Dirty Fingers, a garage rock band from Shanghai in China.

The band, which also goes by 脏手指 in Chinese and, at times, Oh! Dirty Fingers in English, formed in 2015 while most of the members were in college. Their sound is brash and flamboyant, with a tight grip on presence and control. Their eccentricity rules, especially when dramatic Middle Eastern influences seep in like they do on today's song.

"True Love Tetralogy 真爱四则" by Dirty Fingers 脏手指
2021 | Garage rock band from Shanghai

Go deeper with this excerpt from and a link to a short feature by William Griffith on beehype:

There’s an playful quality to the way the band is able to sweep you into their vibrant, seductive world – finding order and rhythmic pull (special nod to drummer Li Zhaochi – the band’s new secret weapon) within its chaotic cock-eyed worldview – full of cryptic delusions and feverish musings on life, love, and trying to land on your feet when all the world wants to do is have you crash and burn in glorious fashion.