Cheater Slicks

Cheater Slicks

Armando Bellmas
This week, David Katznelson is the guest DJ on Ecléctico. David is a Grammy-nominated producer, a problematic record collector, and the CEO of Reboot. He publishes the music, poetry, and more newsletter, The Signal, a favorite here at Ecléctico HQ.

Today on Ecléctico you're listening to "In This Town" by Cheater Slicks, a garage-psych trio based in Columbus, Ohio. (The song was released in 1999.)

"For decades the Cheater Slicks have unapologetically sat away from any trend that they helped to define," declares David about the band behind today's song. "'In This Town,' from their album Refried Dreams, is an epic sonic tsunami that builds and builds until it crashes down with guitar feedback and driving traps. And within the beyond-psych-beyond-garage blissful noise is a fantastic song from the Ghost-Worldly X Generation."

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