Producer and synthesizer musician from Uganda


Today on Ecléctico you're listening to Afrorack, the project name of Brian Bamanya, a producer and synthesizer player and builder from Kampala, Uganda. Bamanya built Africa's first DIY modular synthesizer, a huge wall of home-made modules and FX units that he dubbed, fittingly, The Afrorack, according to the liner notes from this recording. His curiosity and initiative to create his own instrument led to this wildly inventive and subtly innovative album and project.

"Last Modular" by Afrorack
2022 | Producer and synthesizer musician from Uganda

Go deeper with this excerpt from and a link to a review by John Morrison on Bandcamp Daily:

“Last Modular” begins with a slowly unfurling set of sounds that cast a dark and pensive mood. The track’s intro gives way to a rolling, midtempo groove with glitchy percussion. As the beat stutter-steps around a cavernous bassline, an off-kilter melodic idea juts in and out of the foreground. [Brian] Bamanya even introduces a test signal tone that emulates the sound of a turntable scratching.